Engine Break In Service 21
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Engine Break In Service 21

  •  Engine Break In Service 21
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MOB BREAK-IN engine break-in

The engine is run using a state-of-the-art electronic break-in method in an oil bath for excellent lubrication and reduced wear on the connecting rod and crankpin, as well as saving you time and money spent on fuel and tires.

With the EBIS machine, the engine is first disassembled, inspected and cleaned before mounting it on the machine, the engine is placed in an oil bath so that all parts are lubricated during break-in. The machine heats up the engine and oil before of the process and maintains the temperature of the oil throughout the process.

Break-in offers a precise and repeatable process for precision piston and liner seating in a perfectly lubricated environment. Due to immersion in oil, the rod, bearings and all moving parts are fully lubricated throughout the process, reducing wear during break-in. After break-in, the engine is inspected again to verify correct break-in, it is clean and assemble.


    -Reduction of runway time for filming
   - Improved fit between piston and sleeve
    -Reduced wear of other engine components

Features of the machine:

    -Electric controlled drive train system.
    -Electric controlled oil heating system.
    -Adjustable oil heating temperature.
    -Vertical position of the RC motor during taxiing.

We offer this service to both engines supplied through our website or supplied by the customer.